Summer School ZELCOR

“Zero waste biorefineries: value chain approach, methods, and processes for lignin up-grading”

Date: 6 July 2020 –  10 July 2020
Accommodation: Hotels in Versailles (a list of hotels will be supplied to the participants that will have to take care of the booking by themselves)
Organizing and hosting partner: INRA, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourdin (IJPB), UMR 1318 INRA/AgroParisTech, ERL 3559 CNRS, INRA Centre de Versailles-Grignon, Route de Saint-Cyr, 78026
INRA scientific committee: Stéphanie Baumberger, Hermann Höfte, Matthieu Reymond, Helen North
Joint-event: Summer school on Plant-cell-wall organized by the Saclay Plant Sciences network of excellence (SPS, organizer Marie-Jeanne Sellier).

Tentative program

5 July 2020

  • Arrival participants from abroad on Sunday

Day 1 – 6 July 2020

Advances in technical lignin up-grading (lectures and work in groups)

  • Session 1 – Introduction and presentation of the case studies (production of a bio-based ingredient derived from lignin, for cosmetics, packaging, food or polymer synthesis)
  • Session 2 – How handling lignin heterogeneity and variability?
  • Session 3 – Chemical and biological routes for integrated processes
  • Session 4 – Cross-sectorial approach for the development of new applications and markets
  • Session 5 – Work in group on the case study

Day 2 – 7 July 2020

Methodologies (practical training and tutorial in groups)

  • Session 1 – Analytical techniques for lignocellulose characterization: general presentation of the analytical tools and practical training on one method applied to technical lignins (among NMR, HPSEC, thioacidolysis, IRTF)
  • Session 2 – Methods for value chain sustainability assessment: general presentation and tutorial on techno-economic, environmental or safety assessment.

Day 3 – 8 July 2020

Visit to Reims by bus

  • Visit of the biorefinery site of Pomacle
  • Lunch
  • Visit of INRA facilities in groups
  • Gala dinner

Day 4 – 9 July 2020

Native structures and product design (lectures and work in groups)

  • Session 1 – Biomimicry, use of native assemblies, and eco-design of products
  • Session 2 – Work in groups on the case study / Visit of the IJPB greenhouses in groups

Day 5 – 10 July 2020

Lignocellulose and plant cell-wall (Joint program with SPS summer school on Plant cell-wall)

  • Session 1 – Presentation of Saclay Plant Science excellence network and some collaborative projects
  • Session 2 – Plant biomass: agronomic reality and value chains
  • Lunch / poster session
  • Session 3 – Restitution workshop of the case study

Day 5 – 10 July 2020 (optional)

Tour in Versailles 

Summer School 2019 program, was held in Wageningen, the Netherlands from 2-6 September 2018